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Specializing in Brand Identity,

Graphic Design and Footwear

Originally just a name for an inspiring playlist that was used to get "in-the-zone" when working it soon became the name of the freelancing business of Michael Williams. Since then Sedated Hype has worked on projects spanning several industries!

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Michael Williams

Founder & Creative Director

Michael studied Industrial design in San Francisco for 5 years while also beginning a freelance career during the last two of those years. Soon after his time in SF he moved to Portland Oregon for a bit and worked at Adidas (both Basketball and Originals) before making the decision to go back into freelancing full-time. Not always the easiest thing to do but Michael enjoys the freedom it grants him as well as the diversification in the types of projects he gets to work on. With a passion for all things design and a unique set of skills and talents, there isn't much in terms of design he won't take on. Also a big whiskey aficionado he went ahead and got his Bourbon Stewardship, and working towards a certificate for scotch too because why not!

What Projects Does Sedated Hype Take On?

Brand Identity & Branding,

Print, Labels, Packaging, 

Graphics, & Footwear

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