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Unfortunately, that isn't the view from the studio but that is where the mind resides. High

above it all, creating, evolving and

experimenting with "design".

HOW'd it all start

During the first year of design school, Sedated Hype was just a playlist, the perfect blend of hype and focusing tunes, it was a creative storm in complete balance. As years went on Sedated Hype transformed and evolved from a playlist to an idea, this idea grew and festered until finally, it could no longer be just an idea. During the last days of April 2015, the initial idea was created. Sedated Hype was created as a website to display the design work that had been done and a place to pose ideas to the community. This wasn't what Sedated Hype would ultimately become. Today Sedated Hype is what we like to call a design lair that is built on a unique origin story, one that allows it to evolve with time and make great connections along the way, connections that we hope include you...


Founder, Designer

As the founder of Sedated Hype all those years ago, Michael has taken it from its humble beginnings as a playlist to its consulting form of today. Michael studied Industrial design for 5 years at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and two Pensole classes, as he continued his freelancing career. 


After a year of freelancing, Adidas brought him to Portland for a design contract with Adidas Basketball. For six months he helped design and develop tech packs for the upcoming season. Still not wanting to leave the three stripes just yet he was able to secure another short stint over at Adidas Originals. Still continuing the freelance work he picked up several clients and projects. This and personal reasons brought him back to his home state of NC where he still resides today.


Michael still occasionally competes in design competitions but for the most part, he focuses on continuing the freelance/consulting that he started over 10 years ago.

Are you interested in using our services, wanting to see what unique visions we have for you, just curious, or have any questions? 

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