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Stock Market Survivor Weekend

This project was purely conceptual but was treated as if Sedated Hype Studios was working in collaboration with Off-white while working on Simpson's inspired collection. In the end, the whole project was put into s mall magazine that was also designed by Sedated Hype Studios.


Branding, Editorial, & Print


*Off-White* (Conceptual)



A Collaboration with The Simpsons


Started as just a doodle in my sketchbook after reading an article about the sneaker customizer Mache. He had reworked the famous Simpson's sneaker "The Assassin". I sketched up an idea and forgot about it, later that year when Inktober came along a drawing prompt brought the project back and I began the deep dive you see here.

The Magazine

The magazine was created really for myself although I did offer it for purchase for a bit. It was a way to layout all the work and research I did throughout the project and why I did what I did along the way. Looking back I've found several typos and grammatical errors but still love the final result.

Swipe to go through the magazine

back cover.jpg
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