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Due to the size and expanse of this project, there is a video that runs through it. If you like to see it all in more detail scroll below the video for a more in-depth look at your own pace. Also, this project was featured on Nice Kicks website too



Footwear Design, Color & Materials, Creative Direction

*Jordan Brand* (Conceptual)


At the time of this concept, he had won the season MVP last season. He averaged a triple-double for the entire season beating Oscar Robertson's 55-year long record. MJ even described him as playing like he did when he was in the NBA. Up to that point, he had yet to receive a signature performance shoe. Sedated Hype decided to address that.

The Brief

Create a truly unique performance basketball shoe for Russell Westbrook (at the time he did not have one). Using is unique sense of style and playing as the driving elements behind the design.



The inspiration came for traction from a variety of places. Ostrich feet (fastest two-legged animal on earth), paws of a cheetah (fastest four-legged animal on earth), and gecko feet (one of the best natural forms of traction)

As for what kind of tech would be used for the design, it was the goal to create something new but familiar. The dynamic grip of ping pong paddle, the responsiveness of twin sheet thermoformed TPU, support, and spring of carbon fiber with the responsiveness of Nike's zoom x foam.

westbrook tooling.jpg

Once the tooling and tech were finished the upper was next. It had to scream Westbrook but still fit in the Jordan family. Next, you can look through a few pages of the sketchbook to see how the design evolved.


In the end, there was only one the met all the criteria... As unique and explosive as Westbrook. A shoe "parka" for the locker room runway is taken off before game time for a

nightly unveil.

The design features reinforced Dyneema bonded leather at the heel with unique venting fins for function and flair. A fused flyknit upper engages the knitted bootie with flywire to lock it down. The uniquely asymmetric toe down aids in lockdown without inhibiting flexibility. With a multidirectional tread pattern inspired by gecko feet. All of which was designed for a low

top verson too.

To take the project a step further a lifestyle shoe was also designed to go alongside the performance shoe. Similar to how Kobe had the Performance line and the NSW line. The lifestyle shoes merge Westbrook's favorite model with his sense of style ingrained into the design. Ripped denim with a textile backing and Nappa leather coats the upper that sits on a modified Jordan 16 tooling.

In the end, this was just a concept of what could have been. All put together by Sedated Hype Studios. Some asked why I put all this together. Some told me it wouldn't be seen or that it would be copied. They asked me why and

I responded...


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