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Stock Market Survivor Weekend

This conceptual project was all about bringing attention to the Nike Air Ships with the Jordan 1 silhouette. Creating an AJ1 with a vintage feel and look with Air Ship details throughout. 


Color & Materials, Creative Direction


Jordan Brand (Conceptual)


Air Jordan

The one before the one

The Story

Before Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan One for the first time he was wearing the Nike Airship. It was actually the airship that the famous "banned shoe" is about, not the Air Jordan One. Using that story as inspiration I decided to create the "missing link" between these to iconic shoes.

Interesting Side Note

At the time of this concepts creation, I was pursuing a position at Jordan brand. I was using this as a showcase of what I could bring. That was January 29, 2019. A full year later Nike announced they would be releasing a project very similar to what I created here... I wasn't hired. 


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